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Look at the forest, not the trees

March 21, 2012

Wanted to tell you guys about each of those points which I made in my previous post….why I made them…and what they mean…..

Here’s the first one…Look at the Forest and not at the Trees…

If Dick Fosbury had stuck with traditional high-jumping techniques, he would never have won an Olympic medal. However, he looked at a bigger issue which was getting over the bar. he then reasoned backwards to find out the best way to do it. By concentrating on the forest, he found the strategic advantage.

The corporate DNA should function exactly in the same way….

True, many business books push broad thinking, but taking up environmental lens requires stretching the mind in new directions. Nature after all, cuts a very wide swath.

In factoring environmental considerations into their strategic thinking, corporates need to broaden their vision across three critical dimensions. They need to consider issues on both short and long-time horizons. Smart companies need to calculate pay-offs more broadly than their conventional fellowmates and get more attuned to intangible costs and benefits.

Do not let traditional boundaries of business limit your vision….the need for the hour is to search for improved performance throughout the value chain.




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