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A short-skit for all age groups

March 22, 2012

Was watching ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ when suddenly this idea struck me to pen down a small skit/role play(whatever you call it) for all of you…..let me know if any of you liked it or feel like enacting it!

“One Step for Man….But a Giant Leap for Mankind”

Timings: 10-15 mins

Characters: 5 actors+ 1 narrator

One person each represents the following phases of life:

  1. Childhood-With parental influence/infant stage
  2. Teenage- With teachers’ influence
  3. Young professional-at preliminary stages of career
  4. Professional at the peak of the career-authoritative
  5. After retirement-dependent

Type: Rhythmic/Musical Mime

Plot: The stage opens with all the 5 characters, each representing one significant phase of life. They assemble in chronological order of their occurrence commencing from ‘childhood’ and ending with ‘after retirement’.

As the spotlight moves from one character to the other, each character portrays (mimes) the most significant ‘bad habit of harming the environment’ which he/she has developed at that particular stage of life. When one character is acting, the spotlight is on him/her while the rest of the 5 characters remain frozen on stage.

There would be no actual dialogues spoken by any of the characters. The narrator (who remains behind the screen) describes the activities which the character is portraying. The music and the rhythmical beats alongwith the recitation by the narrator would create the mood and the mime done by the characters would infuse the audience with the most alarming activity that we do in different stages of our life, catastrophic to our environment.

Subsequent to the ‘after retirement’ stage i.e the last character in order, the music stops and the narrator appears on the stage. All the characters now freeze and there is no other movement. The spotlight is on the narrator. He/she speaks to the audience.

The narrator asks 5 people from the audience to come up with 5 different behavioural patterns (one for each stage). Each of these patterns should reflect that most significant and environmentally-sensible activity which an individual should do at the particular stage of life in which he/she is in.

The stage ceases and the lights fade out. The narrator disappears and can only be heard from behind the screen. He/she now speaks that all the 5 patterns which were suggested by the responsible and eco-conscious citizens present in the audience, would now be represented and enacted in that particular stage of life. The spotlight now moves in the reverse order. It starts with the ‘after retirement’ stage and finishes with ‘childhood’. The musical beats together with the elocution now makes each character portray that crucial activity which should have been undertaken at that particular stage of life to protect the environment; all these activities were those suggested by the audience.

Once the character enacting ‘childhood’ finishes with his/her role, the stage again voids up and all the characters freeze. The narrator comes into light with the spotlight on him/her. He/she concludes in a positive note which indicates that it is  a sheer simple initiative which could be taken up by an individual in that particular stage of life in which he/she is in, to protect the environment.

This is exactly what we need to do- sensible, cognizant yet simple and responsible activities to protect the environment on an individual level. This not only sets an example for the fellow beings but also sustains the resources for the generations to come.

A little from you can do a lot to the Earth….


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