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Celebrate but ‘responsibly’!

December 31, 2013

Let me start by wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous 2014 – may God bless you and your dear ones with simplicity, love and happiness…stay happy, make happy!

Today, I am writing to all those of who wish to do ‘something’ different for the new year, something creative – something unique! I believe that I am not the only one in the human race who symbolizes ‘celebrations’ as earsplitting music in crowded discos/night clubs or flooding restos in ‘happening’ places…I disdain that kind of ambience, and so I know do some of you…insane we are, right! Haha…sometimes its gimagesCAEVC5R5ood to be ‘uncommon’..

But then, how do we still ‘celebrate’? How can we feel elated during a special occasion by doing something different, something? Why not try something that’s a little more ‘responsible’?

As the saying goes, ‘its difficult to be simple’…for those of you who to celebrate the new year in a simple yet responsible way – here’s some tips for you….they are’nt that difficult, are they?

  • Beat the crowds – try having parties at your home, terrace or society…call your friends over and enjoy the fun and frolic. You cut down a lot on your transportation emissions that way…
  • A click, that’s all – drop a message electronically inviting your friends for the party..gone are the days when you post invitation cards or notes – do we even have a postbox in our homes now?Well, i dont…
  • Go paperless – try not using paper in any way for the party – invitations, plates, glasses, wrappers, decorations etc etc….forego anything made of paper! What then? Just use your grey cells…there are plenty of alternatives(glassware, non-disposable festoons, recycled paper decor are just few)
  • Healthy eating – try some organics for the menu…trust me, they are as delicious as any conventional cuisine!
  • Raise a toast – why dont have a choice of organic beverages from a local microbrewery…you neva know, it might just do a better magic to our souls!
  • Always share – any party brings with it tonnes of food, that’s wasted…figure out a local group, society which can help you distribute excess food to the homeless…even they deserve something ‘special’, dont they?
  • Be Safe – This is of utmost importance…as the host, or should I say, a ‘responsible citizen’ you should ensure safety throughout the event…its’ just one life…so understand the value and spread the message!

These are just a few ideas for you to welcome your new year in a ‘simple’, ‘responsible’ yet ‘unique’ way – you may have even better ones in your mind!

So go for it…start the year by doing good…an etheral feeling of satisfaction will follow, that’s a promise!


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